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  • Where to watch FTA (free-to-air) sport on satellite TV?

    In an era of multi-channel digital television and increased number of different Pay-TV broadcasters, FTA (free-to-air) live television coverage of the major sport events is one of the most asked questions on google from sport fans around the world.

    SportEventz also receives a huge number of questions where and how to find some free-to-air channels covering sport events?

    A fact that the most of the FTA broadcasters have also a live stream coverage, gives you a possibility to have an access to your favorite sport whereever you are.

    Althought there is still a huge number of FTA sport channels covering sport, a combination of the high costs of sport rights and a constant pressure from sport organisations, there is a real danger that sport, and particularly live sport, will become an increasingly marginal feature of the FTA broadcasters output.

    To illustrate the point, it’s worth considering the example of Ashes cricket. In 2005, Channel Four’s coverage reached a peak audience of 8.2 million. Four years later, following the sale of the exclusive TV rights to Sky, the audience peaked at 1.9m and, in 2013, just 1.3m.

    On Saturday afternoon, when England clinched victory in the First Test Match of this summer’s series, the TV audience was just 474,000.

    The position of FTA broadcasters also depends on existence of listed events legislation, which protects key national sporting events and guarantees the free-to-air coverage of them.

    For example in UK, the Wimbledon final match must be covered by free-to-air broadcaster which is BBC in this case.

    Listed events legislation is definitely required, because in the absence of such legislation, coverage of high profile sporting events will tend to migrate from free-to-air broadcasters to pay-TV.

    European countries have a tradition of most television services being free to air. Germany, in particular, receives in excess of 100 digital satellite TV channels free to air, the number of which varies by region.

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    Das Erste, ZDF, Sat 1., Prosieben MAXX, Eurosport, are available via Astra 19.2°E satellite position, in addition to at least one region-dependent channel which is provided by the regional ARD member.

    Approximately half of the television channels on SES Astra's 19.2°E and 28.2°E satellite positions, and Eutelsat's Hot Bird (13°E) are free-to-air.

    Another great source of FTA sport channels are Euteslat’s 7°E and 7°W and Turksat’s 42°E satellite positions. This satellite positions are especially interesting for sport fans looking not only for football live on satellite TV.

    Althought the constant migration to Pay-TV broadcasters, there is still a huge number of sporting events available FTA on satellite TV.

    SportEventz provides satellite sport TV schedule with all broadcasting details such a satellite name, position, frequency and encryption. 

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