Astra 28.2°E – BT Sport wins Ashes and Brings More Cricket on Satellite TV in UK

September 4, 2015 • Tags: #cricketontv

The Ashes ia a cricket series played between Australia and England. An ashes series is traditionally of five Tests, hosted in turn by England and Australia at least once every four years. 

As of August 2015, England hold the Ashes, having won three of five tests, which means they will travel to Australia to defend the Ashes in summer 2017-2018. Overall, Australia has won 32 seies, England 32 and five series have been drawn.

Bt Sport have announced that they have secured the Ashes cricket live TV rights to the 2017-2018. Ashes cricket series as part of a five-year deal with cricket Australia. It means BT Sport willcover all Australia’s test matches, one-day internationals and Twenty20games.

Bt Sport  will also show free-to-air daily highlights of international matches and from the Big bash League, Australia’s domestic Twenty20 cricket tournament.

BT have payed 80 million pounds for the deal.

Sky Sports holds the rights to the 2019 Ashes in England, and also the rights to the cricket World Cup that year.

Last BT Sport acquisition means that UK-based fans will need to have acces to both broadcasters if they want to watch the 2017-2018 and 2019 contest with Australia.

Who will cover more cricket in UK?

Sky Sports signed its latest deal with the England and Wales Cricked Board (ECB) in 2012, but may face a challenge from BT Sport when the next contact negoriations start. The next contract with ECB will definitely be the most valuable deal in criket history.

BT Sport and Sky Sport channels are both available as a satellite pay-TV broadcasters via Astra 28.2°E satellite position and through various cable TV packages.