FTA (free-to-air) Champions League satellite TV broadcasters in Europe

September 14, 2015

Football live on satellite TV today

In this blog post we will provide a list of FTA television broadcasters covering the UEFA Champions League, European football’s top level competition. All matches kick-off at 20:45 Central European Time (CET), with the exception of matches held in Russia and Kazakhstan.

UEFA sells the broadcast rights in a three season basis and various packages are available for bidders, making balance between free and pay television under the agreement with European Union. If the rights do not sell within “sales windows”, the rights may be sold on an individual basis to pay-per-view television broadcasters.

It is important to note that some broadcasters are free-to-view only in particular countries, being encrypted for satellite viewers.  For example, German free TV broadcasters (Sport1, ZDF, ARD) are usually free-to-air for satellite viewers via different satellite positions.  

Albania Vizion Plus  Czech republic   CT
Armenia Armenia TV Den/Swe  MTG 
Austria ORF Estonia  TV6 
Azerbeijan  AzTV/Idman TV   Finland   Yle 
Belarus Beltelradio France  TF1 
Belgium RTL Georgia  GPB 
Bulgaria  bTV Greece  ERT 
Croatia HRT  Hungary  Magyar 
Cyprus RIK 2 Ireland   RTE/TV3


Armenia TV(Armenia), AzTV (Azerbaijan) and ZDF (germany) cover UEFA Champions League free-to-air via HotBird 13°E satellite position.

Both Armenia TV and AzTV cover Tuesday and German ZDF covers match on Wednesday.

ZDF has also the rights to show tuesday match if german team reachs knockout stages of the competition. 

Vizion Plus (Albania)OBN (BiH) and RTRS (BiH) bring Champions League FTA via Eutelsat 16°E satellite position.

All broadcasters have secured TV rights in their countries for Wednesday TV rights. 

Italy Mediaset        Poland      
Kosovo RTK 2 Portugal RTP 1
latvia TV6 Russia NTV
Lithuania TV6 Serbia RTS
Macedonia Viasat 4 Slovenia Pro Plus
Malta PBS Slovakia RTVS
Montenegro   SK Spain Atresmedia/TV3
Moldova Canal 3 Switzerland SRG SSR
Netherlands    SBS Turkey TRT
Norway   MTG United Kingdom  BT Sport


TRT 1 is a Turkish state-run TV broadcaster.

Under the protocol agreement with UEFA, TRT 1 will cover the UEFA Champions League Tuesday match unencrypted and live from the saison 2015-2016 until the end of saison 2017-2018. 

For a satellite viewers TRT 1 is available as a free-to-air channel via Turksat 42°E and Eutelsat 7°E satellite positions.


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