Match TV Russia – New Sport Satellite TV Channel

November 7, 2015

“Match TV” is the new Russian federal public channel of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Live Sport on satellite TV today

“Match TV” broadcasts major sporting events, news, analytical and entertainment programs, reality and talk shows and TV series about sport. The channel offers exclusive content for different audiences and age groups.

In 2016, the channel will cover three time zones and to produce five regional versions. Transmission area – the whole of Russia.

For satellite TV users, “Match TV” is available via different satellite position as free-to-air and pay-TV broadcaster.

“Match TV ” is mainly focused on Russian national leagues (football, hockey, volleyball) and shows also Russian teams in different European competitions like Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Basketball Euroleague


Connecting sports and Tv in the best possible way

Photo:”Watch out for the Sky Sports highlights show on 8th August” by 2010 World Wheelchair Basketball Champions under (CC BY 2.0) Flickr

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