Top FTA Satellite TV online forums for sport fans

January 23, 2016 • Tags: #liveonsatfootball #liveonsatfreetoair

Online forums, also known as a discussion boards, are very important learning strategy and the best way to stay in touch with all news related on satellite TV. Users with the same interests can interact with each other by excanging tips and news about different topics.

First of all you need to introduce yourself. Writing short information about yourself, country you are coming from, satellite equipment you have and satellite positions you reach helps other users to give you a answer on question you are asking for.

Without this kind of information they will not be able to resolve your problems.

Forums related to satellite TV are perfect place for newbies who requires assistance with satellite instalations, receptions and signals. With the technical information you have added in your profile and posted question there will surely be someone who can help you.

This kind of forums are also a great place for sport fans looking for sport live on sat schedule.

There are also a threads related only to FTA channels having sport with information such as satellite name, positions, frequencies, polarisation and FEC error.

SportEventz brings you a list of top 5 forums related to satellite TV.

With more than 460 thousand users is a great source for every question and problem you have about satellite TV.

“Sports on sat” thread gives you an information from almoust every sport and current sporting events. Users around the world are taking care about live sport on satellite positions they have.

The biggest number of views and the biggest number of replies has thread dedicated on football matches available FTA or with EMU.

If you are a satellite TV user and sport fan, you should definitely consider about registration and using of this forum.

Digitalfersehen is the biggest and the best source of information related to satellite TV for users speaking german.

Althought they are focused on news from digital world, Digitalfersehen has well organized forum with huge number of users.

Threads are mostly related only on satellite positions and cable packages available in Germany. There are also a lot of discussions about TV rights and legal sport streams which becomes a trend on this market.

Digitalfersehen has also a few mobile apps that can be very usefull for satellite TV users. Very interesting and very usefull is “FreqFinderapp which helps you to stay in touch with the latest changes of frequencies and satellite positions

With more than 7000 users, satelitskiforum is the biggest forum related to satellite TV for such a countries like Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Montenegro

“Sport” thread is well organized and covers a lot of sport arts and almoust all current sporting events. Most views and replies has, what is expected, thread related on football live on sat daily schedule.

Satsupreme is not focused on sport, but it is usefull for users who reach Astra 28.2°E satellite position, which is very rich source of FTA sport. 

“Live sport schedules” thread has not a lot of open themes, and most of replies and views has, as ussualy, thread related on FTA channels live on sat broadcasting football.

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