Where to watch FIBA Basketball World Cup?

September 2, 2019 • Tags: #liveonsat #liveonsatbasketball

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The 18th edition of FIBA Basketball World Cup started last weekend and there is a lot at stake! Although everybody knows that the United States is a dominant force and that they have won the last two World Cups, things could be different in China.

This year, most of the best American NBA players are skipping the World Cup and that opens a possibility for other country to win the trophy. Another thing makes tournament worth watching – Olympic spots.

The Olympics in Tokyo next summer will have 12 teams and seven of them will be decided in China. The only country with a guaranteed spot right now is Japan because it’s the host. Everyone else has to play their way in — even the U.S.

With Serbia who hasn´t lost a game since February, Australia who managed to beat USA and USA, being the USA, it is going to be interesting two weeks.

The main broadcasters for the World Cup: UK: Discovery/Eurosport, USA: ESPN+, RS: RTS, AUS: Fox Sports, DE: Magentasport.de, FR: Canal+, IT: Sky Italia.

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