Where to watch NBA playoffs FTA live on sat TV?

March 31, 2016 • Tags: #basketballtv #liveonsatbasketball


The NBA playoffs start on April 16, 2016 and it will conclude with the 2016 NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors will try to defend and win their fifth NBA title in clubs history.

NBA satellite TV schedule

This season will be remeberd as a final season of Kobe Bryant’s career and the Golden State Warriors magnificient 24 matches winning streak from the start of the season. Golden State Warriors became alsothe first team to chinch a playoff spot. There are a lot pay-TV broadcasters in Europe covering NBA live, but free-to-air are few and far between.

TV8, is a television station owned by MNG Media Group, which started broadcasting on 22 February 1999. 

Turkish free-to-air broadcaster is a great NBA source, and covers the matches almoust every day together wit pre match analysis.

Broadcaster also covers Turkish main and U-21 football national team friendlies.

For satellite TV users TV8 is available as a freetoair TV via Turksat 42°E on freguency 12346 H with symbol rate 9600 and FEC correction 3/4.TV 8 in HD is available on the same satellite position on frequency 12356 H with smbol rate 7100 and FEC correction 2/3.

SportEventz Apps:

CBC Sports is a primarly sports related TV station based in Baku, Azerbeijan. After test broadcasting in October, CBC began their official broadcasing in November, 2015 and become the youngest, but first TV station in Azerbeijan in HD.

Together with National Basketball League, CBC Sports covers also Azerbeijan Football Premier League, Italian Serie A, Russian premier League, Dutch eredivisie, Turkish Football Cup and different international tennis tornaments.

For satellite TV users TV8 is available as freetoair TV in HD via AzerSpace 46°E on freguency 11134 H with symbol rate 27500 and FEC correction 5/6.