Wimbledon could go on Pay-TV

July 10, 2015 • Tags: #liveonsattennis #tennis


The BBC television starts talks that could eventually lead to wimbledon being shown on Pay-TV. Amid fears of cuts to it’s license in the next round of negotiations in 2016, BBC starts to build alliances with the commercial sector to share Wimbledon broadcasting rights.

The BBC and BT Sport already share a coverage of FA Cup and this year began broadcasting together UK’s pre-wimbledon grass tournaments. BT Sport has already exclusive rights to WTA Tour, and Wimbledon coverage would be a great opportunity to fill it’s schedule outside the Football.

Since 1937. the BBC has broadcast tournament on TV in UK and it will be also a host broadcaster in 2015, covering matches between its two main channels, BBC One and BBC Two. You can also watch BBC coverage online through iplayer (only available to UK IPs). 

Wimbledon is one of the few sport events in UK that have protected status under broadcasting regulations, althought that only applies to the finals weekend.

All England Club will definitely have “last word”, but it’s completely unaware of any move of TV rights in Pay-TV direction. Is there a chance maybe for ITV to open negotiations and broadcast Wimbledon on their free to air channels?

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