Eutelsat 7°E and Turksat 42°E – FTA Turkish Satellite TV Channels

October 17, 2015 • Tags: #liveonsatfootball #liveonsatfreetoair

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Both Eutelsat 7°E and Turksat 42°East have quite an extensive range of channels available in free-to-air.

In this blog post we will provide all sport FTA (free-to-air) channels with broadcasting details (name, frequency, encryption) and TV rights.

Sport satellite TV schedule today

7/24 HT Spor is turkish broadcaster focused on sport news and highlights drom different sports all around the world, and covers also one match of European Championship 2016 qualifiers per matchday.

7/24 HT Spor is availableas free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 11070 H with symbol rate 4000 and FEC correction 2/3.

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Sports TV was launched in July 2010 using the same satellite frequency as DSpor and started to broadcast unencrypted.

Sports TV covers a big number of ATP and WTA tournaments, Spain Basketball league, swimming, sailing and many other interesting sport events worldwide. In 2016 Sports TV Turkey have secured TV rights for European Handball Championship in Poland

Sports TV Turkey is availableas free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 12344 V with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 2/3.

Fenerbahce TV covers  mostly football and basketball activities in all branches, competitions, activities, presented to athletes and coaches, including the views of all sports fans.

Live coverage of Fenerbahce youth academy teams, volleyball and basketball women team…

Fenerbahce TV is availableas free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 12344 V with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 2/3.

NTV Sport, is a the sports channel in Dogus Group. The channel began broadcasting on March 17, 2008 to life.

Turkish broadcaster is a great FTA sport source and covers: athletics, box, sailing events, Spanish basketball league, Euroleague, Eurocup, Turkish volleyball league…

NTV Spor is available as free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 12344 V with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 2/3. 

TRT Spor, a sports television channel established by TRT. TRT Spor TV rights include: Football Turkish Lig 1, Spanish basketball league, Turkish and European women volleyball league, UEFA Europa League.

TRT Spor is available as free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 11096 H with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 3/4 and via Eutelsat 7°E satellite position on frequency 10762 H with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 3/4.

TRT 1 is a Turkish state-run TV broadcaster. Under the protocol agreement with UEFA, TRT 1 will cover the UEFA Champions League Tuesday match unencrypted and live from the saison 2015-2016 until the end of saison 2017-2018.

TRT 1 is a great EUFA Champions League source, becouse in the most of Europe countries Tuesday is always reserved for a pay-tv broadcasters

TRT 1 is available as free-to-air TV via Türksat 42°E satellite position on frequency 11054 V with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 3/4 and via Eutelsat 7°E satellite position on frequency 10928 V with symbol rate 30000 and FEC correction 5/6.